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About Company
Limited liability company Scientific and Industrial «BINAP» Corp. («BINAP» SIC LTD.) is based on July, 16, 1992.

A number in Enterprise Register of Latvian Republic is: 40103056981

«BINAP» SIC LTD. Corp. aggregates 3 structural subdivisions:
  • BINAP Pharmaceutical - is a department of pharmaceutical products, raw materials and medical technique
  • BINAP IT - is a department of information technologies (IT)
  • BINAP Consulting - is a department of innovations and development. Has been created for research of new and energy saving technologies for small business
In our working process we have built up reliable partner relations and are of interest at the market of Baltic countries and countries of CIS of following famous enterprises:

American Laboratories Incorporated, USA

LSI Corporation, USA - certification of products in the countries of Eastern Europe and CIS

SIC «Borshchahivskiy Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant» CJSC (BCPP), Ukraine

«UNIA» Pharmaceutical Plant, Labour co-operation, Poland

The collaboration and sales volume of the products of these factories is dynamically increasing.

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