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Today our firm performs the regular supplying of the products of plants:

American Laboratories Incorporate, USA
This enterprise is our basic partner in performing the orders on supplying the proper raw material for pharmaceutical plants and wholesale customers. In 2008 the American Laboratories Incorporated enterprise was 40 years. This factory is oriented to the production of vegetable and animal raw materials for pharmaceutical plants and for the enterprises of food industry. In particular, the plant in its assortment has more than 240 raw materials (substances), ferments and ferment complexes (enzymes and complexes of enzymes). In addition, the enterprise is ready to perform the order on production of enzyme complexes on prescribing of customer.
On customer demand the products can be finished in strict accordance with the requirements of BP, USP. Raw materials and complexes of enzymes, produced by this enterprise, are widely used not only in pharmaceutical and food industry but also as the balanced food additions in veterinary science. Detailer information about the products of this plant is placed on the site of enterprise in the proper sections of our partner site:
Enzymes of American Laboratories Inc., USA
Products of American Laboratories Inc., USA

SIC «Borshchahivskiy Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant» CJSC (BCPP), Ukraine
Since 1994 our company at the Baltic market is of interest of Ukraine pharmaceutical plant - SIC «Borshchagovskiy Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant ». After the certification of enterprise on the GMP standards we proceed in registration of their medicines in the Baltic countries. Presently in Latvia there are registered the following preparations of this plant:
  • allohol
  • cefotaxim
  • ambroxol
  • cefazolin
  • ceftriaxon
In a registration of new preparations, the list of medicines, allowed for an import in the Baltic countries, will be broadening. In more detail with the products of plant, registered in Latvia, Ukraine and other countries you can see on the site of enterprise in a section: Catalogue of preparations

«UNIA» Pharmaceutical Plant, Labour co-operation, Poland
Assortment of products of this producer is very wide and plugs in itself:
  • medications
  • food additions
  • cosmetology
  • medicinal and technical aerosols
This eldest enterprise of Poland has been created in 1938. A production and system of quality estimation at this plant is certificated on the standards of ISO and GMP.
With the detailed list of products and description of preparations it is possible to see the site of pharmaceutical enterprise: «UNIA»

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